About Dennis

Early on I had a heart to serve. From my time at West Point, to a bid for U.S. Congress, and my work in politics, I was on a path aimed toward public service. But my life’s course took an unexpected turn. When our beloved son, Nate, passed away suddenly, my focus turned outward — from my ambitions to others. You might say that it sharpened my perspective and gave me clarity about what is truly important. That’s why my life’s mission today is to impart courage to others, whether I’m coaching an executive, speaking at an event, or writing a book. Because I am passionate about helping people overcome challenges to succeed. In business, in relationships — in life.

I’m also passionate about spending time with my bride Susan. We’ve enjoyed traveling the world together, but we’re happiest when riding our bikes on the greenbelt along the Boise River, and being with our children and grandchildren.


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