I love a great story, especially those born from history. Maybe that’s why I’m a voracious reader and movie buff. But while I’ve always enjoyed writing, I had no ambition to be an author. When our son Nate passed away in 2009, I began looking at life in a totally different way. It was the crucible of grief that ignited my passion to write about his life and to chronicle the lessons we learned from our experience. Writing was therapeutic. Now it is part of my DNA — an outlet for the stories that fill my mind. I hope you find these books thought-provoking and inspirational.

AVAILABLE NOW: To Trust in What We Cannot See

A Historical Science-fiction Blockbuster

By Dennis Mansfield


“Dennis Mansfield’s newest book takes readers to an ethical dilemma in meeting Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and Tito – all in one setting, all at one time – in 1913. Before they became tyrants, they were young men and neighbors – all in the same European city – though they did not know each other. Researched over two years in seven countries and the Holy Land, this is a historical science-fiction story of what did happen and what could have happened. Linking Brian Greene’s incredible work, The Elegant Universe, with Ulysses S. Grant’s Personal Memoirs seems an unlikely place to travel through spacetime dimensions – but with the help of well-researched history, physics and science, along with a vivid imagination, the story takes the reader to Vienna, Austria during the very cold month of January, 1913 to Cafe Central; a coffee shop where men with cold hearts are sipping hot drinks and planning their blood-lust futures.” – Amazon

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Beautiful Nate

A Memoir of a Family’s Love, a Life Lost, and Heaven’s Promises

By Dennis Mansfield


Beautiful Nate offers valuable insights into what went wrong in a dedicated Christian family and how things might have gone differently—giving parents direction for raising their own children in a troubled world.

Exploring the differences between fear-based parenting, child-centered parenting, and healthy intentional parenting, author Dennis Mansfield shares hard-earned wisdom and powerful ideas on what children need. Whether you’re in the midst of parenting small children or have experienced the heartbreak of a child gone astray, you’ll find guidance and hope for your journey in this poignant, real-life story.

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Finding Malone

A Story of Tribute and Honor – Within A Broken Family

By Dennis Mansfield


A single gift from a seemingly distant and unloving father sparked a journey of discovery. It was an inexpensive gift of an old WWI era army helmet. A helmet that saw action in WWII, not WWI. It was a doughboy US Army Helmet that held eyewitness secrets of the bloody sands of North Africa, the gritty landing of D-Day, the frozen Battle of the Bulge and the ultimate triumphant entry into Adolf Hitler’s Alpine Wolf’s Lair. A.J. Malone’s helmet was more than just a gift. It was the piece that tied Dennis together to his father. The piece that helped rekindle a relationship grown cold from years of neglect.

Finding Malone weaves together the tale of discovering who the helmet belonged to, and discovering the true nature of his father; the man who gave the gift to Dennis. This is the true and powerful story of a father and son overcoming unexpressed love, deep personal disappointment and ultimately hatred, through a single and unplanned-for magnificent act, anchored to honor – and the subsequent restored hope and fresh forgiveness that came as a result, healing their relationship and bringing them together as best friends for the last 19 years of the father’s life.

Cocoa: The Blind Dog

A Daily Devotional About Devotion

By Dennis Mansfield


The new updated Timeless Version of Cocoa the Blind Dog brings together the poignant daily devotional stories of a master, two stewards and a little blind dog. Scripture is embedded in each page to help the reader connect the timeless truths of God with our daily hours, and with the lives of our dogs. It’s a complete carry-along for travel, a daily pick-me-up for journaling and a refreshing daily immersion into the Word of God, through the “tail” of a dog.

Benghazi and Beyond

An Action-filled Political Thriller

By Dennis Mansfield and Ryan Pacheco


Isaac Jones is a Major in the US Army assigned to a Ranger Battalion – a graduate of West Point. He’s approached with a simple question, “If you could do something about the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of four American citizens on September 11, 2012, would you?”

Benghazi and Beyond takes our hero all over the globe including Iran, North Korea, South Korea, Germany, England, Hungary, Grenada, and other exotic locations.

Get lost (and found) with Isaac Jones in this action-filled political thriller.


A CIA Black Site…Russians…North Koreans…A Secret Society

By Dennis Mansfield and Ryan Pacheco


Jones is a CIA black asset who’s been involved in operations around the globe, secretly keeping America safe, and making enemies. Who’s targeting him and how did they find out who he was and where to find him? Did he leave too much information behind or did someone from inside the United States Government betray him? Will he survive or is this the end for Isaac Jones?

TARGETED is the second book in the Isaac Jones Thriller series.

Do Or Die Time

An Action Adventure for the Young and Young at Heart

By Dennis Mansfield and Cameron Ventura


When Cal and James discover something terrible in the woods behind their sleepy little mountain town, their youthful curiosity quickly turns to survival.

It’s Do Or Die Time when the boys are drawn into an adventure that challenges their physical strength, mental toughness, and teaches them the importance of friendship.